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Topological map of Roawia

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Political map of Roawia

The North

Each of the factions of Roawia claims a distinctive geographic region of the land. High up in the north lie the Lands of the Province of Garheim , mostly covered in snow and with mountainous.

The Middle LandsEdit

South of Garheim lie the woods of Lenfald , consisting of extended woodlands and the largest rivers of Roawia.

In the middle of the continent, south of Lenfald are the great plains of the Province of Loreos, lush grasslands in the north and arid deserts in the south.

The SouthEdit

The northern tip of the large southern peninsula and the large island off the eastern coast are the home of the Outlaws , a wild land with varying vegetation and full of dangers


There are numerous islands off the coast, some claimed by factions, some unclaimed and uncharted.


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