To participate in the Lands of Cassic Castle (LCC) you only have to do the following things;

  1. SIGN UP for the Classic Castle Forum if you haven't already
  2. Enter you SIGNUP INFORMATION for LCC in the Signup thread in the forum: include your character's name and the name of the faction you would like to join; you can also include an image of your character and/or your army - please read any additional infos in the first entry in the thread.
  3. Complete the CHARACTER INTRODUCTION CHALLENGE in the forum: you have to introduce your character to the world - include your character's backstory and an image with the correct banner and/or sigil for your chosen faction.
  4. INTRODUCE YOURSELF to your fellow faction colleagues in the appropriate faction thread and read any additional information provided in the thread: Garheim Faction Thread, Lenfald Faction Thread, Loreos Faction Thread , Outlaw Faction Thread
  5. HAVE FUN - build MOCs for your faction to earn points and participate in stories and discussion.