The Kings council is the current overseeing body of the Lands of Classic Castle project. All factions are represented in the Kings Council.

Tasks and responsibilitiesEdit

The main tasks of the Kings Council, or KC as they are commonly refered to, are mostly administrative. They manage members, guilds, host General Contests and make sure that everything runs smoothly. The KC members have no in-world power, they cannot influence the Faction Overseers, Liaisons or players unless they break LCC rules. They work together with the Classic-Castle Mods and Admins to make sure the LCC project runs as smoothly as possible within the boundaries.

the Kings Council members meet regularly in a private discussion forum specially made for that purpouse.


Current members of the Kings Council are Lord_of_Orks (Outlaws), Mark of Falworth (Loreos) Wobnam (Garheim), AK_Brickster (Garheim) and Teherean (Lenfald).

The KC is not, and will not be, recruiting.

Other informationEdit

  • You can always contact one of the KC members with a question about general LCC rules and regulations, and contests. For Classic-Castle-related questions, contact a CC Moderator or an Admin.
  • The Royal Knights Sigil has been chosen to represent the King of Roawia (NPC). As such, members may not use this sigil.
  • There is one outlaw member. Lord_of_Orks who was quickly added after the KC was formed, because he took the initiative for the LCC project in the early discussions.