The Powolsk (pronounced "povolsk") are an ethnic minority within the Province of Lenfald. They have no fixed location and generally are not well represented in the noble class, but have a strong zone of influence in South-Eastmost Lenfald. Their "capitol" is the village/castle of Varria, the traditional seat of power of the Powolsk leaders. Their largest city is Dzenika.


The Powolsk are mostly descendent from immigrants from Garheim, who mixed with native Lenfel tribes in the times before the Three Brothers. The exact date of the migration that caused the mixing is unknown. They were an independent kingdom for a while, known as the Kingdom of Estván, until they were defeated by High Lord Gregory III at the siege of Castle Varria in the second era. This event completed the Lenfald annexation of the southern Dragonscale Mountains and most of what is now South-East Lenfald.

Ethnical and Cultural aspects

The Powolsk people have developed their own traditions, strongly influenced by both Garheim and Lenfald cultural aspects. They choose not to follow the generaly accepted religion, but worship ancestors and a small pantheon of nature gods. Whilst ancestor worshipping is mostly limited to late family members, the Pantheon, or "Vewiel" (pronounced "veviehl") in old Powolsk, consists of five gods: Akvea, king of the gods, lord of weather, Swieka, Akvea's wife and godess of earth and farming, Karst, their firstborn son, god of war and king of the afterlife, Erreán, brother of Karst and god of speech, love and peace, and Lewies, cousin of Akvea, god of trade, commerce and crafts.

The Powolks are a warrior people, and pride themselves in the fact that they are one of the few provinces with an experienced standing army. Most fortified positions and towns, however, are occupied and guarded by well organized citizen militias. Support for the army is large and widespread, and loyalty to the High Lord of Lenfald is strong.

Further detais:

  • The current commander of the Powolsk army, the "Charging Lions", is Lord Teherean the Elder.
  • Roughly 80% of the population live in rural communities, and are farmers or support agriculture in some way.
  • Powolsk are generally friendly to Garhim, but hostile to Loresi. However this tendency is changing since the alliance with Loreos was announced.
  • Powolsk soldiers generally dislike spears and pikes, and prefer swords and axes like their Garheim neighbours.
  • The Powolsk are inexperienced traders, and generally dislike the idea of having a purely commercial profession. Investing in an enterprise is something they will rarely do.
  • Dzenika, the largest city in the Powolsk region, is only about 60 years old, making it one of the youngest cities in Lenfald.